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ALL Browsers Memory Zip 1.5

Free tool to manage and reduce your system's memory usage when browsing the Web
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If you ever open your Windows Task Manager while browsing the Web and take a look at the Processes tab, you will quickly notice that most of your system’s memory is taken up by two applications – your active Web browser and Windows Explorer. ALL Browsers Memory Zip is a free utility that compresses the amount of memory used by your browser, shrinking it down to less than a tenth of what it usually takes, and manages the use that Windows Explorer makes of it while performing its activities. This memory zipping tool supports nearly all known and less known Web browsers available, from Firefox, IE, Chrome, or Opera to Maxthon, Rockmelt, Cyberfox Browser, or Super Bird, up to 30+ different Web-browsing tools.

ALL Browsers Memory Zip works quietly in the background. In order not to waste more of your system’s memory, it comes with no fancy graphical interface. It can be set to be visible on your task bar or not, and from that little icon open a small context menu and a minimal interface with just the few options you need to customize its performance and adjust it to your preferences. The context menu will allow you to add it to the Windows startup, pause its activities, exit the program, and open the Browser Usage Controller. This will open a small window that is actually the program’s only interface, and where you can set a number of browser-related parameters. First thing is to select the various browsers you usually work with (if more than one), and assign a memory threshold to them. As soon as ALL Browsers Memory Zip detects that this threshold has been reached or exceeded, it will compress the browser’s memory usage to avoid your system’s performance from clogging. You can also assign your favorite hotkeys to the “Pause” and “Exit” actions, so that you won’t ever need to interact with that minimal interface again.

As said, it supports more than 30 Web browsers, Maxthon Nitro, UC, Cyberfox, and Citrio being the latest additions to the list. You will find it difficult to install an Internet browser that this application doesn’t know about. Testing the efficiency of this free application is easy – just open your Windows Task Manager and note down the memory values for your active browser(s) before and after activating the program. You will be surprised of what this tiny free tool can do for your system’s memory usage.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Customizable memory threshold
  • Compatible with all popular Web browsers
  • Works in the background
  • Supports hotkeys


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